Many people think that blogging is only for the technical person and make money online. But the truth is different. A blog can help you many ways. You probably ask yourself that Should I start blogging in 2020 ?

It can be your life insurance. In recent times, blogging got popular to make money methods online. Besides this, there are many more you can have by your own blog. Let’s dig details…

Should I start blogging in 2022 ?

Work Besides Your Job:

If you are a student, or you are a full-time job holder. It will be hard for you to do something else to make money. Not to make money but for anything else.

A student may have a full-day class, job holder has work so ultimately, managing extra time is hard for them. Blogging can be a solution here.

You can write a blog at any time you want. You can develop content inside your class break, your lunchtime. You can write a blog at your lazy time inside the room and even from your washroom. No barrier, no limitation of time for writing content.

Increase Writing Ability:

Writing a blog will improve your writing ability. Blogging means is writing content and when you will write, You will see your ability, where to improve and after writing some days, You will see the improvement.

Besides this, regular writing will give you a writing pattern, a free handwriting ability. You will help you to write your academic issues.

Increase Your Knowledge:

Before writing, we usually read a lot of other articles to get the idea. After that, we have sketches, shape-ups and finally start to write the content. So ultimately, It increases our knowledge in a particular area of writing we do. Moving forewords, It increases the shaping of knowledge, presentation skills by writing blogs.

Help and Meet new People:

Think about your side. If you have like a blog, probably you try to connect with the blog owner, on their social media or by physical. Well, when you will write to others, people will be connected to you.

So, It will give you a new linkup, increase networks. You know, networks are always important for getting a job, getting an opportunity and so on.

Make Passive Earning:

A blog is a popular way of passive earning. Probably you already know, passive earning is like the planting of a tree. You will plant a tree someday and take care of the tree.

After a few years later the tree will start giving you feedback. On those stages, You may don’t need to take care of them. Similar ways, You will write for some days and after that.

If you do not do anything, your blog will make money for you. Even, 24 hours, inside your sleeping, It will continuously make a revenue for you.

Build Your Portfolio:

If you have a live blog, It means you have a live proof of your writing ability. So, if you want to do a writing-related job, Your blog will help you a lot.

Well, If you do not do a writing-related job, you may write about some engineering tasks which will help you for getting an engineering job, social science writing will help you that industry also.

Ultimately, whatever the area you write, This will make a portfolio with huge value for you.

Low Cost:

If you go for a business, no matter how the business size is, it will cost a handsome amount from you, required space from you. A small mistake can lead you to a big loss in business.

For a job, you have to take preparation. But blogging! It will take no space, no required amount of investment. Just a small amount of money will be needed. You can start blogging on a free platform even.

For physical business, you have to do setup and maintain them properly. For a blog, things are easy, online-based so managing has no extra hassle.

  • Make a sketch and design with canva, deliver it. This process will take a few hours to learn. Also read create a gig on Fiverr

You can start a blog with free domain hosting which will cost zero amount of money from you. If you take a simple domain hosting, It will take around 50$ to start the site.

Setup WordPress which is the easiest option for the beginner. YouTube has a tutorial and finally do some basic design for the site. Then It’s done for you.

Build a Business:

Many technologies and the digital company started with a simple blog. When your blog is popular, you have a huge visitor in your blog, You can develop a company by utilizing them.

If you have a technology-related blog, You can build a digital software company. Keep in mind that, a popular blog will bring a lot of clients to you thus you can sell your related products and service to them.

Make You Confident:

Blog do not require anything in comparing to other business and jobs. Just the kin interest of writing and sharing knowledge, help others mentality.

But if you write regularly, You will see a blog that has to get popularity, from zero to millions of visitors coming to your site. This all will make you confident in making any decisions, business plan or study you are doing.

Full Time Earning:

If you like to write and have well-organized content in your blog, It will be popular day by day. You can do SEO for your blog which will bring the top of the search engine ranking.

A blog can make one hundred to 1 million dollars in revenue. Which are far more than regular job holder earning. You may quit your job and do blogging.

A blog can help you in many ways and also a blog can destroy you in many ways. If you write all day long, if you do copy past content You will never get ranked in search engin.

The worst quality writing is unable to bring any kind of visitor, sponsor or revenue for you. So if you want to start blogging, make a good plan, do some study and then start.

We really can’t ignore the importance of blogging as a key element of your development strategy. Blogging isn’t antiquated—in fact, it’s an agile, modern, and adaptable way to hit several marketing goals at once.

Anytime you wonder why blogging is important, just take the time to look at your metrics pro and post-blogging, including customer engagement, keyword ranking, and time spent on your website per visit.

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