Many people want to start YouTube in 2021. There are many niches to start you-tubing and thus it makes new content developers confused. Youtube channel ideas for beginners blog will help you to choose your channel idea.

These blogs will give you 14 evergreen topic ideas which you can work from today. This category has demand internationally. If you want to make some extra cash then Fiverr is the best option. You can create a Fiverr account in Five simple steps.

YouTube channel ideas for beginners


Life and Style together call lifestyle and Its one of the evergreen demanding content in the youtube industry. Not only youtube but also google and the local market, lifestyle topic is always in demand.

You can talk about how to wear a tie and how should be your dress in any specific location. You may make content for working preparations. Anything related to daily life is included in this idea.

It’s always better to start with some specific topic and then go deeper with other related content. As lifestyle is vast so initially Its hard to get views and support. But with regular content making, You will get success.


Who doesn’t like the game? You, your friends, your senior and junior. Everyone’s life games and gaming related videos. So making game-related tutorials, content video, the commentary is nice options for youtube new channels.

You can’t just make a live game playing a video. You can do game reviews, consultancy and so on. Youtube itself recently start giving promotions for gaming videos.

Gaming is best YouTube channel ideas for beginners if you start a new channel. If you have less editing skills and have passion for gamming.

Product Reviews

Are you a tech lover or love to talk about goods? Then product review is better YouTube channel ideas for beginners.

One of the most demanding categories on youtube. Many Youtuber started video making by product reviews. You can use any products and make the ins and outs, give suggestions, compare between two or give new product updates.

Life, for mobile, you can just make a specification video, make reviews and then compare between another mobile. All electronic products are reviewable.

Electronic review channels usually got a lot of sponsors, refer to an affiliate commission regular basis. You can promote your product review video by Direct mail marketing


So, As an expert in any category, you can make tutorials. No matter which you know best, you can make tutorials. It can be dancing, making, writing, cooking and so on.

You are helping the new starter by sharing knowledge. Facecam video or screen recorder both are fine for this category tutorials. Often, the tutorial channel takes a bit long time to grow but once it gets ranked, You will be boosted up in many ways.

If you are a teacher, then tutorial channel is better YouTube channel ideas for beginners and you can get huge number of students from your channel.

Story Videos

People love to read and listen to stories. It can be a personal story, can be any history, can be any case study. All the category of the story has users and storytelling videos have a good market. Animation is the best way to visualize the story. Keep a bit twist, excitement and it will be going to the users.


Do you like to express yourself with the video? Vlogging is for you. Vlogging is an alternative or video presentation of blogging. It can be a travel Vlog, can be a food blog or can be any technical issues. Visitors love to see your talking, expression and your activity.

Information with entertainment is the main goal of vlogging. Better YouTube channel ideas for beginners if you love to do travel.


Writing about fashion, the latest trends are good to start blogging. Just keep up to date about the fashion industry, fashion shows, and magazines and you can then give reviews, blogs.

People especially young persons are very concerned about their dress, their outer look. Thus it makes the fashion category demanding in the blogging industry.

Weight loss

Talked with fatty people and you will get the idea of how much they are unhappy with their fat. How much despair they are to lose fat. Actually being fatty has a lot of disadvantages and no one wants to be fatty now.

You can write the wait to lose tips and tricks, wait to lose exercise tutorials. Make wait to lose food plan, medicine reviews. Besides this, you can talk about the general health condition of mess people.

You may suggest to them, diet plan or you can give them an exercise plan. But weight loss and healthy living are very much sensitive category so be sure before write.

If you have health related degree or food and nutrition degree then Weight Lose category is better YouTube channel ideas for beginners.


If you like to travel in the world, you enjoy meeting new people. Then you can do blogging in the travel category. Every traveler does writing most of the time as it’s easy to maintain, make money for the next destination. Just share your experience through writing.

You can give reviews, suggestions and trip plans for upcoming travelers. You may write about top backpacks for traveling in Dublin city.


Usually, an old age person has nothing to do. They usually have a lazy time. Besides this, a lot of people want to know about animals, their nature, how they pass time. Animals’ food and houses.

Moving forward, domestic animals az are very demanding for farming people. If you notice national geography and a similar channel, you will understand the market.

How To’s

How did you get this article? How do you search on google, youtube? everything starts with how-to keywords. So, if you go for making content on how-tos then definitely you can gather a lot of visitors.

But as this is the most popular category, competitions are far hair than other categories also. If you have nice presentation skills, nice creativity then how-tos is for you.


You can make move reviews, mocking and reactions on different movies. This has huge visitors all over the world. If you like a movie, you want to talk about them then the move category will be nice to start on youtube content making.


You can write on photography and videography tutorials, tips, gadget reviews and suggestions. A lof of the digital tasks needs both photography and videography. So the demands also.


Foods people love to test food in different places. If you love food, you want to let others know about your experience, you can do make a video on food topics. Making food reviews are very much popular on youtube. You may make videos on street food, restaurant, seafood and so on. This will help you to tet food, get popularity and get money from your videos.

No matter which category you select, you need to have clear concepts, your dedication and hard work for the channel. Maybe it will take a few days to work and make money for you but trust me, youtube will make you happy and make revenues some days for sure. Happy youtube working!

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