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Our main motto is to help mango people and end-users help with their buying decisions. So, we develop our content in such a way, so it helps them. We are not interested to make money by manipulating mango people.

As we are committed to mango-people ethically, so we are not interested to take a lot of sponsors/paid promotional collaborations. Our pricing is 2-3 times higher than many popular blogs. We appreciate it if you use the popular industry-leading site rather than paying us a high price.

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You can enlist your plugin to our listed blog. Your item rank will be based on our review team’s feedback.

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Price: 70$

You can enlist the plugin top of the list as a sponsor. In that case, you will need to pay double the current top items. And current top items need to be on top at last 6 month. Send us an email and we will share the price and scope in the reply.

Once you enlist your items in the top, we are giving you a guaranty for 6 months to keep it on the top. After 6 month, you may get a demotion on the list. However, your item will be on the list and will not be deleted until your item got removed from the source.

PS- You can pay equal to any sponsored items and get immediate next rank on the list. Send us to know the price of any position that you want to get.

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All pricing is subject to be a matter for one single product only. Meaning, if you purchase any single plan, we will work/collaborate for only one single product. However, you can order multiple times for more than one product. If you have any confusion, contact us at

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If you provide content, 40$ will be deducted from the price.

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