We will know how to refresh Windows 10 but before digging in deep, let me write my story about my refreshing story.

I was a kid(high school boy) in the year of 2010 and hard that the computer operator has huge demand in the near future. We should learn to know this.

I went to a shop in the village market and said about my interest. The course was all about learning how to type and how to browse the internet, do email and so on.

The very first day, the first tips were to do Refresh computer to make it fast and workable. After the day, whenever and whatever I do computer, I do some refresh first.

I started the computer, ok do some refresh, switch off the computer, before that, let’s do some refresh! It was my first and foremost duty to do a refresh on computers.

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I come to my third-year computer science at my university. Finally, I got my whole refreshing was wast of time.

I notice the other person also! 99.99% computer user belive that, refreshing make computer faster, workable and keep ready. Is it really?

Does refresh still work in your computer?

The truth is NO. Refresh does not work actually as like as we think. It refreshes only the monitor sections.

Probably, sometimes you face that you have renamed your file but it’s not updating, or you move a file but still not moved from the monitor.

If you just refresh the monitor, It works fine on those moments. This is how refresh works. “Refresh” option does not refresh the OS or clears Ram to keep your PC running smoothly.

Refresh History:

how to refresh windows 10, greensoft dhaka
My Whole Life was lie – greensoft dhaka

In earlier times, the graphics processing unit was low powerful and unable to handle a lot of processes. So after taking an action, maybe ram does it works but the monitor was not showing.

To solve this, windows introduce refresh options. But modern pc has a high powered graphics processing unit and it can handle all the processing.

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In earlier times we went to cinema theatres which used camera reels to project the movie on a white screen.

Each reel had many images arranged in an order and they were projected on the screen at a specific rate i.e. 24 images/frames per second.

You might’ve heard about the term FPS (frames per second), it’s the same thing. The human eye can’t distinguish if the FPS is 24 or above.

In current times, the same process is followed but the photos are now saved in a digitally compressed file which is given an extension like MP4 or MKV.

It makes the video portable and we can open it on our computer.

So, consider a frame generated by your OS as an image. Frames are displayed on your screen one after the other giving you a feeling that everything is continuous.

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Each frame comprises of different UI (User Interface) components like background, icons and their names. When each frame is constructed, all the components are placed on it, like first the background, then the icons and their names.

The taskbar acts as a layer that is placed on the top of the background.

If you notice, Linux, macOS has no refresh options. So, Refresh is not really done fast on your computer.

How to refresh windows 10?

You should clean the temp, %temp% and prefetch file from the run options. When we do some work, the computer system generates some temporary files with DOT temp extension and so on.

If we do not clean them, It got increase day by day and make the full system slow. If you notice the recent file, you will see, the more you work the more recent file it got.

Also, keep your window system update regularly. Sometimes cleaning a temporary file can not delete all the temporary files. But if you set up a new window, generally, it gets all the fresh files. This works for getting better speed.

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