Can you imagine how much an android developer make? Well, it’s $108,763 /year only! It has conduct to improve demand for skilled developers in Android and other platforms.

So, do you wish to shine as a mobile application developer? But, unsure about whether to decide on a career in Android development or not? If so! you’ve got such questions in mind, here are some reasons to resolve any doubts you’ll have.

Android Development, Greensoft dhaka
Android Development, Greensoft dhaka

Android is a mobile OS that’s want to develop various mobile applications. An Android Developer can be a Software Developer who focuses on designing applications for the Android marketplace. Also, Android Developers create several mobile applications on the Android platform. they’re also liable for ensuring the responsiveness and quality of an application when it’s used.

So, what’s in for future Android developers? Why start with Android when it requires app development? Here are 9 interesting reasons to learn:

High User Base

With the pace, the mobile app industry is growing concerning the large and growing user base, indicates the acceptability of this technique in coming years. Ever since Google rolled its play store, the enjoyment of experiencing the app has only multiplied tenfold. With the Google play store and Android smartphones access to apps has become veryeasy for all.

Android is that the primary OS for 300 Smartphones, 90 Tablets & 6 E-Readers. There are over 1,460,800 apps in the Google Play store & growing. Over 60% of Android apps are free of charge.

Open-Source Technology

Android is an Open-Source technology. It’s a Linux-based mobile OS that creates the ASCII text file freely available for anyone to use. The Linux kernel that’s utilized in Android is roofed under the GPL. It means any changes made to the ASCII text file must be made available when a binary (a compiled and executable piece of software) is released to the general public. It offers great freedom to developers by allowing them to simply adapt and edit the programming codes.

Flexibility in Android Development

Flexibility in Mobile App Development Can Improve Product Quality. With no developmental restrictions like the iOS platform, Android is very flexible to pursue many developmental possibilities. Android application development is booming like anything and includes a huge mass following users and developers. The developer community look up
to Android for its trustworthy architecture and its adaptable nature. There are the main of outstanding developers giving rave reviews about Android. It’s Offers an Impressive interface, Helps in Targeting Masses like that.

Easier Market Entry

To build an Android app, all you would like to try to do is register yourself as a developer, create your APK (Android Package Kit), and submit it to the Android mobile application development platform. This process is far simpler than getting yourself registered on the iOS platform. Because the method of getting approval from Apple is far more complex and involves many steps. Android apps are usually approved and deployed during the day. On the contrary, performing an equivalent task on Apple’s App Store is time-consuming.

Market Demand

People with skills in Android and iOS app development are in great demand as both big and small companies are hiring app developers to create their mobile apps. It’s one of the great and latest resources to find out app development with JavaScript and React Native. The credit of improve the lives of each user goes to mobile applications that have altogether brought a forceful transformation globally.

At an equivalent time, it’s provided ample scope to the
developers to showcase their hidden talent and creativeness. With the rise in demand for innovative apps both for Android also because of the iOS platforms, the demand for skilled developers has also increased. Most app companies are always looking for efficient app designers who with their calibre and creativity end up to be the most important asset of the corporate.

Developers, get prepared to take the new job opportunities coming way! within the upcoming few years, the businesses also will search for proficient who expertise in Enterprise apps and IoT apps too.

Be an Independent Developer

Even if the developer is not curious about pursuing your career as an Android developer during a company, you’ve got many opportunities. Developer will easily become an independent developer by creating your apps and making money through the ways explained above. Alternatively, they will seek some personal clients through some reputed Freelancing websites.

It Gives You a Social Status

As a technical graduate, developers have got the choice of going for web development or mobile app development. As stated before, web development has become the story of the last year but this time is ruled by Smartphones and the future is going to be ruled by other smart gadgets running on Android OS.

This means, if you Learn Android Development and are an Android developer, you’ve got all the explanations to feel pleased with yourself. you’ll have a secured job paying you huge checks month after month, and you’ll have that status-quo to point out off. you’ll have respect amongst your buddies, in your company, and at your home.

You have the foremost Secured Job

Android developers are amongst the foremost demanded professionals in the IT industry and thus are the least fired professionals. As an internet developer, you’ll lose your job for any reason or may curse with your salaries after a particular level. But there’s no such case if you’re an Android developer. there’s a job guarantee, there’s job security, and there’s constant job growth. Only sky is that the limit for you.

Penetrate in several Devices

As a matter of fact, that a lot of people using android applications through different devices like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches etc. Each device has its unique features and functions meaning, one application supporting a tool might not support other devices. it’s an incontrovertible fact that Android features a powerful and positive development kit as a result of which development is comfortable and effective altogether.

Final Call

Android Development isn’t only a simple skill to find out, but also highly in demand. By learning Android Development, you give yourself the simplest possible chance to achieve in any career goals you set. Once you start, within no time, you’ll land in your dream job, have that promotion, or create a successful business of your own within the field of Android Development.

So, these were the highest 9 reasons to find out Android Development. We hope that these reasons will assist you make the proper decision about whether to find out Android Development or not.

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Content Writer – Jyotirmoyi Saha


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