Why Exclusive Addons Over Elementor Plugins?

If you are aiming to build a professional website or a site for personal use, you will most probably go with WordPress. The highest number of websites on the internet (39.5% according to SEJ) are created on this platform.

WordPress is the most popular content management system, mostly because of its ease of usability. And page builders like Elementor make it even easier.

Building web pages with full functionality doesn’t require coding knowledge if you are using Elementor. The drag & drop page builder with a cluster of useful elements is indeed a revolution to WordPress page editors.

Yet if you feel there is more that you need, a spread third-party marketplace covers it up. There’s a significant number of third-party addons to complement Elementor.

Today, we will have an overview of one of the topmost Elementor addons- Exclusive Addons

Exclusive Addons for Elementor Plugins, greensoftdhaka
Exclusive Addons for Elementor Plugins, greensoftdhaka

They Assert To Be The Best Elementor Addon

Going to places for different elements isn’t a nice experience. That’s quite a hassle. Perhaps you may look for a place to get everything done. This is where Exclusive Addons steps up.

It is the one-stop solution for building web pages with Elementor. Interactive, flexible, responsive, customizable, and well-optimized, are all the qualities you would look for in a page builder.

Moreover, they bring quality with quantity. Currently, they have 37+ Free Elementor elements along with 49+ premium widgets & extensions. A total of 83+ elements is quite a lot when you consider each of them has its worth individually.

Add to that, it comes with a good number of creatively designed templates and blocks. You will find 23+ templates and over 700+ section blocks with the plugin.

Their claim of being exclusive doesn’t only by name. Exclusive additions like the custom Elementor Icons Library really speak for their claim. They have a collection of 3000+ well-crafted, high-quality images.

Seems interesting already? Grab a seat, there’s a lot to come as we go deeper.

Why Would You Use Exclusive Addons?

Exclusive Addons for Elementor come with a bunch of versatile widgets & extensions that help you build beautifully designed websites. From personal sites to professional websites, you can create a personalized website with whatever functionality you want to add. If you are looking for design ideas, pre-built templates and blocks will help you there also.

Here are some core features

The free version of Exclusive Addons comes with 36+ free widgets & extensions.
Switching to the Pro version will open the door to 48+ premium elements to help you build exclusive websites.
Lightweight and super fast widgets contribute to making the web page fast loading.
Fully functional and compatible extensions let you add user-friendly functionalities to your WordPress site.
They have made 23+ templates & 700+ readymade blocks to provide you with an idea of what you can do.
The Elementor add-on includes a powerful live preview feature with Inline Editing capability.
One of the best things about Exclusive Addons is the support team. Their dedicated support team is always available to help with any assistance you need.
Exclusive Addons include a bunch of WooCommerce widgets in their bundle to enhance the e-commerce functionalities of your website.
Their Dynamic Post widgets let you display posts smartly and elegantly.
They have also packed a bunch of Form Widgets and Header Footer Widgets that bring versatile usability to the add-on.
Free Widget of Exclusive Addons for Elementor Plugins, greensoftdhaka
Free Widget of Exclusive Addons for Elementor Plugins, greensoftdhaka

Create Websites For Free with Full Capacity

If you are running a small business or a personal website, sometimes it’s hard to spend on a website. Exclusive Addons brings the solution, you can build 100% functional websites with the free version of the plugin.

With the free version of this Elementor addon, you will get 32+ widgets and 3 extensions. All come in handy when you are building a basic to mid-level website.

Let’s See Some of the Top Free Widgets from Exclusive Addons

Modal Popup: This widget lets you show media content in a stylish popup. Features like setting overlay and animations to make it look eye-catching.

Dual Button:  You can add creative alternative buttons on your site using the Dual Button widget. The widget comes with six different hover styles and endless customizable options to make it more attractive.

News Ticker: This is quite an interesting element. You can now add a stylish scrolling ticker to your website using their News Tickers widget.

Image Magnifier: You can add the feature to zoom into an image just like magnifiers do.  The Image Magnifier widget comes with endless customizable options.

Filterable Gallery: This Elementor gallery allows you to create a gallery, and portfolio of anything you like with options to filter them. Also, the widget comes with the most beautiful designs.

Alert:  The widget provides a great way to show announcements, alerts, and notifications. Customization of each section is available with the Alert Message Widget.

Contact Form 7: Exclusive Addons make it easy to add contact forms on your website. Using the widget you can integrate a form into your site for surveys, quizzes, or event registration.

Call To Action: Use the Call To Action widget to add creative CTA buttons to make the web design more interactive.

Countdown Timer: A stylish countdown timer widget full of functionalities. You can use it for any offer or campaign.

Post Grid: This widget provides a stylish way to display dynamic posts and pages and make a great impression on your users. The Post Grid widget comes with all the customizable options you would ever need.

PRO widgets of Exclusive Addons for Elementor Plugin, greensoft dhaka
PRO widgets of Exclusive Addons for Elementor Plugin, greensoft dhaka

Add Premium Features With Exclusive Addons Pro

Upgrading to the Pro version will open the door for you to advanced and premium elements from Exclusive Addons

Counter Widget: Make a great impression on your website in mere seconds by showcasing your milestones and significant stats with Counter Widget.

Floating Animation: Create unique, organic, and fancy Floating Animated Shapes for your WordPress website with the Floating Animation widget.

Mega Menu: Using the widget you can create a well-designed Elementor menu bar. It will change the experience of website visitors and the way they use the navigation bar.

Instagram Feed: Using the Instagram Feed you can increase visitors’ engagement by showing Insta posts on your website.

Image Hotspot: This widget lets you add tags to images. You can add interactive hotspots that pop up content when clicked or hovered.

Slider: Widgets like Slider makes the web design more lively. With several customizable options, you can show web content in a beautiful slideshow using the Slider widget.

Gravity Form: Another useful form widget from Exclusive Addons. You can create almost all kinds of gravity forms including user registration forms, survey forms, polls, online orders, and so on.

Post Navigation: This is quite a handy widget for WordPress sites built with Elementor. A responsive navigator that makes it easy to switch between posts.

Image Carousel: A modern way to display photos on a website. The image Carousel widget lets you exhibit images with an interactive sliding carousel in a stylish way.

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Enhance Functionalities With Exclusive Features (Extensions)

Elementor extensions boost your capacity and help you to add more user-friendly features to your WordPress site. Exclusive Addons come with a bunch of extensions, all compatible with the Elementor interface.

Cross-Site Copy Paste: One of the “make life easy” features. With the extension, you can copy content across domains. So, if you want the content to use on a different website, you can easily do it once you have installed Exclusive Addons on both of the sites.

Sticky: This is a useful extension of websites built with Elementor.  You can make any content always visible on a web page, even when the viewport is changed or scrolled.

Glassmorphism: Quite an interesting feature from a design perspective. A design concept that lets you add a beautiful glass effect to make your web design a mesmerizing one.

Gradient Animation: Adding an eye-catchy background animation is easy with the Gradient Animation extension from Exclusive Addons. It will make the section more interactive and interesting.

Header Footer: You can build custom headers and footers for your website using the Header-Footer extension.

Exclusive Addons Provides Creative Design Ideas

If you are looking for creative design ideas, Exclusive Addons can help you. The Elementor add-on comes with 23+ ready templates and over 700+ readymade section blocks. This huge collection of pre-built design concepts helps you build beautifully designed web pages.

Whether building trendy landing pages or creating sections within a page, you can have it all done with the help of templates and section blocks. You can get access to those designs from the template library.

In Closing

To wrap it up, Exclusive Addons is an Elementor add-on that powers up the website-building ability with Elementor. With endless customizable options, you can build a fast-loading, unique-looking website with this plugin.

If you are looking for an Elementor add-on that complements the page builders’ capability and brings a flawless web-building experience, Exclusive Addons can be the best choice for you.

Content Writer – Jyotirmoyi Saha
Email- jyotirmoyisaha14@gmail.com

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