Domain selection for the online website is like a company name selection. You can not change it as like as you can not change your company name offline. Do you know how to select best domain for blogging in 2020?

As the domain is your online identity, a representative for your business, blog or service. So selecting domain should be the most prioritized. Also, If you want to start blogging in 2020, you have to select the best domain name first for your blog.

You must have to care about some issues before taking a domain. Here are the details suggestions. Also, for starting blog site, you can check Start Earning Money By Blogging in 2020

How to Select Best Domain for Blogging in 2022

Small and Memorizable Name:

The name you are gonna select must be small and easy to memorize. For example, if you want to start a software business in dublin you can use Its google recommendation also.

Now the problem arises that, all the short name has been taken already in most case. So you have to select a long name but still, keep it short as much as you can.

Add your area with the name, or working category, or specialty. Do not just put any extra character to get the domain.

Avoid Number and Special Character:

For selecting a domain, avoid any number and special character. User usually types the name from the keyboard character area and they are habituated with this.

So if you have a number, It will bring a lot of user bounce in your domain. The same goes for the hyphen and other special characters. For example, and is a bad practice for the talking domain.

Now sometimes, sometimes you may have to take the number and those you should take a maximum of 2 digit numbers. Like you can take and its fine to use. Some users will still bounce but those are very small in number.

Take Better Extinction:

You should try to take the DOT com domain extension as google likes it most. If you do not then try other top-level domains. Top-level domain has a trustable reputation and all search engines give priority in the ranking. You can take other extensions like DOTxyz type based on your topic and business.

Related to Your Nish:

The domain name must be related to the business name. The irrelevant name will be less trusted to new users and as your domain name. Some times you have seen a unique name got huge popularity.

That will take a long time and a huge investment from you. Also, there is no guaranty that it will work for you. It’s always safe to take related domain names.

Use Keywords:

Try to buy the exact match domain and if you do not get, try to take a long-tail keyword match domain. The exact match is that domain which matches exactly with your keywords.

Like you want to start software business in dublin and you search for If you get it then its exact match domain. In most cases, you will not get it.

If the domain name you really desire is already taken, this is not the end of the world. Sometimes, you can actually still get your hands on it. Thus you can extend it, or similar ways.

Do keep the keywords in your domain. This will help you to rank in google and other search engines.

Check Legal Issue:

Before buying the selected domain, check the legal issues about the name. Sometimes many names have a trademark and you can not use them in your business. Sometimes there may be a popular user on the same name thus it will be hard for you to get your own traffic.

It’s better to ask the lawyer before buying any domain. It may seem a bit awkward but keep in mind, business is not for one day. And you can not change the name in the near future.

Check Into Social media:

Social media has a big impact on our lives and in our business. Digital business depends on social media sometimes. So, if you want to take any domain, search in your social media with the same name.

For example, you may select domain and facebook already have a page dublin software with huge popularity. This will bring you terrible conditions. Similar ways, twitter, instagram should be checked before finalizing the domain.

Check Price in different Market:

Price varies from market to market. Usually, the new market has less price than old. You should take a deep look at all the popular market before buying any domain.

Service differs from market to market so care about them also. After selecting the best marketplace, search for coupon code or discount key. A lot of websites provide them and you can get your desired domain at less price by using them.

Use Name Generator:

If you stuck with the name you did the idea, use the name suggestion website. Some websites have the system that they will suggest you domain name related to your industry and available domain also.

They will take just your business category. But using a name generator website is not a good idea at all. If you can not find it in any other way, then use them. Chose the best name among thousands of suggestions.

Buy Quickly:

You may know, one domain issue for one owner. After anyone buying, no matter who you are, you can not buy that domain unless the owner agree to sell. So buy your domain quickly. I know, many people lost their favorite domain and latter the brought it with 3-400% extra charges.

Be careful with exciting domain:

If you take an existing domain, check the domain history before you buy it. Sometimes, the dome domain has a huge spamming history and got blocked from everywhere. So you will face a problem with that domain.

You can not get ranked in a search engine. On the bright side, If it has a nice reputation, the domain’s history may give you a boost in Google since you’re not starting from scratch — Google already knows the domain.

A domain is your asset. Though its nothing but a name, the online world will know this name only. So, whatever the domain you select, ask yourself, are you happy with the name, with the extinction, can you recommend to others? If yes, then the domain is alright for your service. For your blogging, the domain has been selected then.

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