Probably you have an online store and you are planning to start an online site for your business. Or it may happen that, you are looking to start an eCommerce website for digital products. Do you know How to select Outstanding eCommerce website Name in 2022?

No matter what is your intention is, keep in mind that, selecting a business website name is as much important as it is selecting a company name.

This is the name is going to present to you in the online world. Let’s learn how to select a website name for your website.

How to select Outstanding eCommerce website Name in 2022

Select Business-oriented Name:

If you plan to start an organic products business, you may add the word organic in your website name. Similar way, for software soft, for digital goods digital etc.

Remember, everyone will not understand you at a first look if you have a different name. If you put a word related to your business, It will help your user to understand at their first looks.

If you have an offline business and are well known then you may keep that name. Sometimes the unique name is not available, in those times, adding business-orientated words is the best option.

Short but Meaningful Name:

Select a name that has meaning, representative and short. The long name has a disadvantage. People do not keep them remain.

But to make the name short, do not just remove some character and make it meaningless. Also, a small name is mostly taken already.

So, Take the shortest meaningful name for your website.

Take Top Level Domain:

While buying a domain for your eCommerce store, take the top-level domain like DOT Net, DOT com domain. Google gives priority to the top-level domain. Users trust this domain extension physiologically.

You may take some special domain like dot digital, dot XYZ but do not go for a free domain. Remember, It’s business and you must have kept the safety to your users.

Avoid Hyphens and Number:

Do not take any domain with hyphens inside the character. When we do write, our hands are upper to the character and we are not willing to type any special character.

Google also dislikes this kind of name. Ultimately, a good number of users will get bounce for sure. For the same reason, try to avoid numbers while taking a new domain name.

Sometimes you may consider the number inside domain name but take them at the ends. Please keep in mind, 24/7 mean 24 hours and 7 days but inside domain name, 247 does mean nothing.

Check Social History:

Before finalizing any website name, do search the name in social media like Facebook, twitter and another social site. Sometimes it may have a popular website, YouTube channel already in your desired name.

So, if you buy the domain and promote, people will get them at the top organically so you will lose your visitors. Do some similar name searches while you will do exact domain searching.

Price in Different Market:

Before buying any domain, check the price in the different domain market. Price very market to market and sometimes you can get a good domain at less price in an unknown market.

It is discouraged to take the domain from any unauthorized domain provider. Check the service list twice before buying any domain. Search the coupon code, discount code in google before the final purchase.

Buy the Domain Quickly:

So, if you select any name, buy them as soon as possible. A domain may be taken by someone else and if you lose, there is no guaranty to get it back.

If the domain owner does not agree to sell, no one is able to get the name. Many people have experienced, losing domain for late buy attempts.

And many times, they have to buy the domain with 100 times more price.

Domain History:

Sometimes you may buy an existing domain and in that case, look back at the domain history. Some domain has very good domain history and some have bad.

A good domain can lead you top of google very easily but a bad domain history can do the reverse as well.

Some website does provide domain history and you can get that website by doing a google search. is nice to check a domain registration history.

Feedback from People:

Before making a final decision, talk with your friend about the name you select and take honest feedback. If most of your friends say positive then it’s fine to go.

But if they say negative, try to engage with more people. See if they speak the same. Remember, you have to speak the name millions of times in the near future.

so, if you do not love the name, you will face difficulty to speak.

Finally, remember one thing, you can not change the name as some do on Facebook. Even, if you do change, it will be really hard for you to introduce again with socially. Make sure, the name you can speak in front of everyone.

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