So, you are going to start an email campaign soon? Or, you may have a plan, or you already started but have a bad experience. All this comes with an email subject line. Do you know, how to Write awesome email subject line for email marketing?

Most of the users take decisions whether they will open the email or not by looking at the subject line.

So, if your subject is good, it will get open, if not then the user will not open the mail. It’s simple but hard is to write better email.

Let me give you some suggestions on how to write nice email subject while going for an email marketing campaign.

how to write awesome email subject line for email marketing?

Length of the subject:

Keep the subject within a single sentence and make sure the sentence is not complex or compound. A simple sentence with short length will always encourage users to open the mail.

But do not just randomly make it short, do sensible short on your writing. Our suggestion is to write with 10-12 words.

You can check your title in pixel with the title pixel matter parameter checker. 400px is best to write in the email subject.

Give Relevant Subject:

Do not put any fake or exciting false subject in your email. It’s spamming. Even if fake subjects got some more open but 100 and 10% user will get bounce for a fake subject.

So the ways to make a subject is, give a relevant best subject and present it in exciting ways.

This will actually help you. You may put emoji in the subject line but put them on the ending side and make sure, you are pu犀利士 tting relevant subjects.

Sender Name:

The name appears beside the subject is sender name thus it brings important to users’ decisions. Make sure you are not sending emails from the No-Reply username.

This disturbs users sometimes. It’s recommended to use human names, or at last, write your company name here.

If you’ve already met your customer previous conversation, use your own name as the sender’s address – even if the email is technically coming from the company as a whole.

The best impression you can make on your customers is that they’re working with you, the individual — not the entire business.


Do not put all the characters as capitals or small latter. Make them as like as they are. Make it natural.

Putting all as Uppercase is bad habit and sometimes users got bounced by the style.

Many marketers believe that It makes unique to give all capitalized words but the natural sentence grabs more attention from the user side.

Personalize Subjects:

Two different users are not exactly equal. Different person has a different approach. You can put their name in the subject line and by the custom tags.

It will boost your open rate. But make sure you are using valid marge tags. Otherwise, a little mistake can bring a bad impression to your campaign.

Ask Questions:

You can ask questions to your users in the subject line. Everyone is interested to see the next line of any questions.

So adding questions will help you to get more open rates in your email mail campaign. But make sure you do not put double questions in the single subject.

Action-oriented Verbs :

Put action related verbs in the email subject line. Make them feel special and let them know what inside the email. Think from your perspective.

If you get an mail which makes you feel better, special and needs to take cations then won’t you open the mail?

You will. Same way, you will happen with your targeted users.

Actionable subject lines will inspire people to click on your email by instilling urgency and excitement. For example, in an email inviting people to a hockey legend dinner, the email subject line might read, “Dine with Bruins legend Bobby Orr,” rather than a more generic (and less actionable) “Local Boston Sports Legend Meal.”

The former email uses “Dine” to help the reader envision themselves at a dinner table.

The right phrasing can make your recipients feel special — and the effect can be magical. A few ideas for phrasing include: “For our beloved customers only”, “An exclusive offer for you”

For getting better results in email marketing, the subject line is important but it’s not only the factor in total. There are many more things to care about.

Get the best subject line, do timing, design a nice template and you will have blast better in the campaign.

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