To get Fiverr gig in search top list we need to do SEO for Fiverr gig. As we know, Fiverr search algorithms are constantly improving and they are caring for all the areas these days! It has become a complex job nowadays to rank gigs in the Fiverr search list.

Many categories from the Fiverr search ranking factor are not in our hands. But some of the factors we can improve.This blog describes all the simple ways with which a seller can improve gig rank. These tips have been applied to many successful sellers in the Fiverr marketplace.


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SEO for Fiverr gig – Title

Fiverr Gig Title tutorial, greensoft Dhaka
Fiverr gig title is the most important factor for gig seo – greensoft dhaka

Gig title is the most important area for gig SEO. Based on your first gig title, a gig URL will be generated. Also, the title has directly related to the search engine algorithm.

So, If you add a title related to your service, It will not give you better output. You need to add the title which my search by the potential client. Do some searches on other gig titles. In short, Keep your main keywords in the title, try to add secondary keywords in the title also.

For example, You do a “flyer design” job and your main target is a flyer designing job. You give a title, “I can design your flyer professionally for your business”.

And your URL will be – design- your-flyer-professionally-for-your-business! It will not help you to get ranked. Rather you can go give a title like this, ” I can do your flyer design for events professionally”.

Thit title will cover 3 main tags, ” flyer design “, ” flyer design for events”, ” design for events”. And this will generate a google search-friendly URL. You may change the gig title after first published.

SEO for Fiverr gig – descriptions

Gig description is the area of showing your smartness. If you write a nice gig description, the buyer bounce rate will be decreased for sure.

But besides smart presentations, let me give you tips on SEO for Fiverr gig descriptions! Inside gig descriptions, put primary and targeted keywords within the first 2 lines. Put all other keywords inside the description with the sentence. Sometimes people keep tags separated under the word tags. But do not do 犀利士 it. It’s kind of spamming.

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Suppose your targeted keywords are, ” flyer design” then you can keep in the following ways. “You are searching for flyer design service and you are here in my gig” or “If you are looking for flyer design service then the best gig you got is this gig. Stop searching now”.

Notice both of my gig descriptions has my targeted keywords. You can do it in other ways as as you want. Just be sure that you keep your targeted keywords in the first 2 lines. Sometimes people describe their experience or their polite greetings. Don’t do this. It will not help you in gig ranking.

SEO for Fiverr gig – Tags

Tags are another place to work on SEO for Fiverr gig. Fiverr gig tags are directly related to search ranking. We can add a maximum of 5 words in tag sections and you need to use the best use of them.

Kee your primary targeted keywords in the first tag and next tags are other targeted keywords. Don’t just put some words in tag sections. It will not work for you if you just put unnecessary keywords.

Other SEO for fiverr gig Technique

There is some other important factor for gig ranking on Fiverr. They are related to search rank and positioning. Also, they are factors for Fiverr promotion and email newsletter. However, you can not do a lot of changes on this fact. But knowing this fact can help you understand the whole process.

Gig Delivery Times

Gig delivery time should be two-three days ideally. Based on your service it can be less or more. But Fiverr will give you preference in less delivery time. The client sometimes wanted to get quick delivery. Thus in the case of shorting, your gig will come on top if it has less delivery time.

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Few people just ignore long-time delivery. No one wants to wait. So quick delivery will bring more sell and thus it will naturally get ranked in Fiverr search.

Gig Social Share

Gig Social Share, greensoft dhaka
Fiverr itself always encourage to share gigs on social media – greensoft Dhaka

If you notice on gig creating time, Fiverr encourages you to share your gig on various social media. If you share your gig then it will be given preference in search ranking. Also, a social share is helpful in google search rank. But do not just randomly share your gig.

Add relevant content and hashtag while you share. Sometimes people do share everywhere like comments, all the groups, ages and so on. It’s spamming and it will never bring any sales for you.

You need to share your gig only relevant place. For example, a flyer can be needed in an event management company so a flyer elated gig should share in event-related groups. photo editing will be needed in an e-commerce company so try to ost your gig in eCommerce related group.

Before sharing your gig, make sure you have the allowance for the ost. Some groups are restricted, do not ost them. Disturbing others are not a good idea at all.

Off-Page Gig SEO

Gig Off age Seo fiverr, greensoft dhaka
Off page seo will bring you top of the google search – greensoft dhaka

Off-page SEO is another important thing for gig ranking. We usually just upload our pictures randomly. But if we do little off-page SEO before uploading video and image, It will help us to rank in Fiverr and google search.

For pictures, go to properties by clicking right-click in your mouse and get details. Add title, tags and alt text. For video, Do the exact same from your pc. Then It’s done.

Sometimes These suggestions can go in the dogs if your gig has no quality, bad images, or garbage gig descriptions. You need to make a few sales first then this factor will mostly work. Unless you have any sales, Your gig will not come in search rank.

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Also, Fiverr will take a few days to give rank in your gig. Make your gig stands out from others and makes initial sales. So, we are done with SEO for Fiverr gig. If you follow all the tips, surely Your gig will be in rank. please keep in mind that, Fiverr has a lot of criteria for ranking.

But this is the place where we can work. You may have doubts but as Fiverr is a market of competition so you need to try in all possible ways.


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Naturally, all these tips are for new sellers. Those who have a strong profile do not need anything but still, you may apply. If you have sold and can keep a good reputation in Fiverr then nothing is needed to get future sales for any seller.

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