It’s true that, unless you are a fiverr engineer in the search team, you don’t know exactly what are the fiverr gig ranking formula. BUT based on our experience and other seller comments, we made the following list for you. If you want to know, “fiverr gig ranking formula”, then you should know all these terms.

We bring this INs and OUT for you so that you can understand where you need to be careful about boosting your sales. If you are not interested to read long articles, then just keep in mind that whatever you do all will do the effect in your Fiverr ranking.

Before starting Fiverr gig ranking formula, you can read SEO for fiverr gig – How to do fiverr gig SEO

Please be aware that, the list has no official linking with Fiverr administrations. This list is based on some bestseller experience.

Selling Reputations:

Fiverr Selling Reputations, Greensoft dhaka
Selling reputation is important for getting a gig in top rank – greensoft Dhaka

Selling reputation means how much sell you did within limited time and how was the review.

Suppose, 1st seller, make 10 sales and get 8 reviews. So his success will be 80%. Other sellers get 6 sales with 6 positive reviews. Then 2nd seller has 100% success.

The time frame is also an important factor. Let’s say a seller makes 10 sales within 15 days and another 20 in 2 months then 1st seller will get preferences.

Fiverr always take a secret review from the buyer which does not see in seller accounts. That also an important factor for gig rank.

Similar ways, if you get a single negative review then it will be better then 2 negative reviews. The more negative review you will get, the less rank you will have, demotions will be added in your gig rank.

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Earlier time, If we get a single sell with a positive review, It comes to 5gigs earlier. But now Competitions are huge and ranking factor has been changed.

Cancellation Rate:

Fiverr Cancel Rate in fiverr, Greensoft Dhaka
Order cancelling rate impact on your gig ranking – Greensoft Dhaka

If you have an order cancel then, both you and fiverr will get loose as they have to refund revenue. So fiverr care cancellation rate very much carefully.

If you get no order cancel then your gig will get the most priority and clean. If you have 1-2 cancels within a month still it’s fine. If you have more cancel then you are at risk.

You have to keep the delivery rate more then 90% to keep your level alive. If you get a delivery rate less the 90% then you will lose all your rank at a time. You can not send buyer requests also.

If you got 80% you may get banned from fiverr. It’s better to ask the client, talking with you before order to keep the canceling rate in minimum percentage.

Gig Title:

Fiverr gig title, Greensoft Dhaka
Gig title is one of the most important factor for gig ranking – Greensoft Dhaka

Gig title is the lace that has direct relations both in fiver ranking and googles ranking. You can see How to create a gig on Fiverr that will get rank in fiverr

probably you did notice that each time you create a new gig, It gets a custom URL and that URL is all about your gig title.

If your keywords have in the title then it will get priority in gig ranking both in google and in fiverr. But just because of SEO, do not add all the keywords in title, do not make it a long title.

Make your gig title-related, small and eye-catching. resent your primary keywords in professional ways.

Descriptions and Tags:

Gig description does not only describe to your buyer but also doing gig seo place.

If you keep your primary keywords within the first two sentences and other keywords inside full descriptions, your gig will get priority for sure. But some people just add tags and then put all the tags randomly. It’s spamming and will never get search rank by doing this.

Nothing to say about tags. Tags are invented to make relations with search rank. Do week research before putting tags in your gigs. Random words will not help you at all.

The more related tag you will add, the better it will be. Keep short and primary tag at first positions.

Response times and Delivery Time:

Fiverr Response time and delivery time, Greensoft Dhaka
Response & delivery time in fiverr has direct relation on search ranking – Greensoft Dhaka

Fiverr count response time and delivery time for search ranking. If you have less response time then you will get priority. As you know, fiverr count only the first response to make response time averages so you should try to give a quick reply for sending messages.

Again, if your gig has a fast delivery time then it will get seo rank. Suppose you have 2 days delivery time and someone has one day’s time. When a buyer will search, 1-days delivery gig will come first. It will also affect when a buyer will do shorting based on a time frame.

Complete of All Gig Info:

Sometimes people do not complete gigs with all the information. They may keep FAQ blank or incomplete images and so on. Fiverr will give rank to fully completed gigs only.

So if your gig has small information, fill it today and get search rank. Read How To Create Fiverr Account – 5 Tips Updated in 2020

If you are looking for Fiverr gig ranking formula in 2020, then be aware that, fiverr love to see you most dedicated sellers and thus, full completion is important in search ranking.

Your Country:

Your location has relations with fiverr ranking. For example, If a buyer search fiverr gig seo from taxes Austine then the seller from Austine will display first. Then another seller from the united states and then the rest of the seller’s gig will be shown.

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Fiverr is trying to do localizations nowadays. Thus the are caring locations. But just because of localization, don’t create fake accounts. They have a verification process and also It’s unfair to change original locations.

Impression and Favorite:

Fiverr gig favorite, greensoft dhaka
Number of gig love and save helps to get gig rank in fiverr search – greensoft dhaka

If a buyer search in fiverr then all the gigs displayed will get one impression. So if your gig has more impression meaning your gig has in top list and client are seeing. The more impression you have, the better it will be.

Gig’s favorite is also important in search ranking. Sometimes buyer keeps some gig in their favorite list for buying in the future.

So more favorite you have is chances to get more sell. Fiverr care this and give them rank. But getting a favorite from the seller account will not work at all.

Click, View and Conversion Rate:

gig impression and fiverr gig click, greensoft dhaka
Impression and click should be balance with selling number -greensoft dhaka

Fiverr care your click, view and conversion rate. How many sellers click on your gig and among them how many buy your gig finally is an important factor nowadays.

So if your gig has a maximum percentage of conversion rate you will get better ranking. Sometimes seller takes fake click from clickbait as it worked earlier time but now it comes with the conversion rate. Those who take click and view from clickbait or similar service is getting negative ranking.

Selling Price and Authority:

Fiverr earning analytics, greensoft dhaka
Higher selling price gig has higher chances to get rank in fiverr – greensoft dhaka

Selling price is an important factor in fiverr search ranking. What is the price and how much is your total selling within the last 60 days usually counted by fiverr bot. So if you have huge sell with small gig price or small sell with huge gig price has chances to get top rank.

Similarly, Fiverr care about your authority also. If you notice on the level system you have seen there is a requirement on account age to get a new level. Similarly, If your account has long ages, your gig will be a priority.

On-Time Delivery and Warning:

Fiverr warning notice, greensoft dhaka
Morning will lose your ranking – greensoft dhaka

Fiverr like to see your delivery on time. You might know, fiverr give you a soft reminder 12 hours back before ending time. The reason is, fiverr wanted you to deliver your gig before the deadline.

If you missed, you will get a warning and if you do not response your order will be refunded automatically after 24 hours.

Few people do blank delivery for avoiding late delivery. It’s spamming and I encourage, not to do this. Even, If fiverr caught you then you may get banned from fiverr.

Seller Activity:

Seller activity meaning your activity in fiverr forum, fiverr studio and learning platforms. If you do some contributions in the forum by new ost, solving other people problems then fiverr will give you authority.

Also fiverr studio is the ways to come on their eyes. Join and taking a course from fiverr learning platform will also help you.

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Other ways are fiverr support. When you will talk with them, how do you resent them, how is your text and language will be counted. If you do good on all this, You will get ranked in fiverr search.

Account Levels:

Fiverr levels,greensoft dhaka
Fiverr levels determine the gig ranking impact directly – greensoft dhaka

Fiverr account levels have big relations with search ranking. Usually, the top-rated seller gets the highest rank. Then level 2, Level 1 and most less is a new seller.

If you get ranked u in level, Your gig rank will also increase. It doesn’t mean the new seller can not get any rank. You have still the opportunity to stat making sells. We hard from different sellers that, after getting levels, sometimes their sell has been decreases.

Fiverr ranking algorithms are continuously improving and as I said, fiverr engineers can say exactly what is their algorithm is.

This all factor is we know, we follow. The top-rated seller said they are agreed with all these factors. You can not do anything without continuously giving better service.

If you have a unique service, better reputations then fiverr will give you rank. Its simple and smartest ways.

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