Many sellers claim that fiverr has no sell nowadays! They often ask how to get first sale on fiverr?

This is true that fiverr has tremendous competition and for the new seller, the search system has been changed. But still fiverr has a lot of clients and sell.

If you don’t get sell within 7 days of gig post then you might have some problem in your gig and in your presentations. This article is all about how to check your gig and identify the problem.

After identifying the problem, you can solve them easily. And make good amount of sales in the fiverr marketplace.

How to get first sale on fiverr?

Check Impression and Views:

Fiverr Click and Views, greensoft dhaka
Gig impression and views are the first things to check – greensoft dhaka

First of all, read the article about how to create fiverr account and how to create a gig on fiverr and update both of your accounts and gig.

If you do not get sold, at first, you need to check your gig impression and view. Just go to your dashboard and then go to gigs. You will see the impressive number and gig views.

Does it increase? If not, then your gig has a problem with your title and seo.

As you know, impression and view come from the search page and you are not getting it. It means your gig is not showing at the search page and anywhere at fiverr.

You can do your gig seo by following this article. SEO for fiverr gig! If you notice the gig view and impression are getting big day by day, then it’s fine. Check the next issues!

Click Rate:

Fiverr Click Details, greensoft dhaka
If the click increases, sale should also – greensoft dhaka

Does your gig has clicked! How much is this? If your gig has a huge view and impression but a very poor click, It means the buyer is not clicking your gig from the search page. Why?

Which gig you mostly clicked on gig research time? Gig with professional, eye-catching images, a catchy title and perfect delivery time. As this is displayed on the search page.

So if you can improve these factor then your click rate will grow. You should start working on gig image and title.

Check other top-selling gigs and make new gig photos. If you can improve then the click rate will get more.

If you have a nice click rate then its fine to move the next steps. Before that you can read fiverr gig ranking formula 2020

Tags Checking:

Fiverr tag research, greensoft dhaka
Related tag will bring more sells while irrelevant tag will bring only visitors – greensoft dhaka

If you get a nice impression, view and click but no sell, probably your gig has wrong keywords.

As the gig has everything nice but no sell, the reason may be wrong people are coming to your gig. And the reason might be wrong tags.

Tags are one of the most important factors for getting rank in fiverr search. So you got rank, the buyer is clicking on your gig and not buying.

Actually buyer is not interested in your services. In reverse order, your service is not filling up buyer needs.

All it happens for irrelevant tags. Check them and update them now.

Fiverr Gig Description:

Your tags are fine, getting a nice click and surprisedly NO Sell. Well, you may have the wrong description so the buyer has to get a bounce.

They are not getting the confidence to work with you. Maybe your gig descriptions are too long, no organized, irrelevant, not eye-catching and so on.

If there are any of them in your gig description, then you will not get sold. Check most selling gigs and update your descriptions.

If you really do not get any clue, take suggestions from the senior sellers and expertise suggestions. Fiverr forum has a lot of long articles. Read them with the patient and start getting a sell.

Selling Price:

Set Gig Price, greensoft dhaka
A balance selling price take more attention to the buyers -greensoft dhaka

Check your selling price and compare them to the other seller. The new gig should have a balanced price with other new gig and the top-selling gig should have a high price.

If your price has an imbalance, probably you will get less sell. Price always shows in the search list, buyer request list and anywhere you promote your gig.

Fiverr gig promotion ideas

Also, as there is another seller available, the buyer will always want to save money, get quality work at a better price. Update the balance price today.

Search Ranking:

Sometimes, fiverr remove gig from search! Often It happens that, gig got low rank.

If your gig has no search rank or after so many gigs, Its heard to get sell.

We usually search for our accounts. But it will not work properly. Our browser keeps cookies and thus when we research something it gets priority.

You can check your rank from the incognito mood in your browser or from other fiverr accounts. You may search from other countries with a VPN but in that case, don’t forget to log out of your account first.

Video Quality:

People usually say that a gig with video will get 226% more traffic. But it’s not true. Actually, if you have a QUALITY video then it will get more traffic.

So check your video quality and improve them to get sold. A bad quality video will not bring your sell rather it will decrease your reputation.

Remove a bad-quality video and give a nice image. It will still work better.

Response Rate and Portfolio:

Fiverr Response time, greensoft dhaka
Better response time give better ranking -greensoft dhaka

If you have a long-time response rate, your sell will be less day by day. You must improve response time.

The late response gets more buyer bounce and future contacts. You can use smartphone applications or email sound notifications for getting quick notifications.

Once upon a time fiverr did not have a sound notification system, how were those days? Now, at last, you are getting notified by fiverr itself.

A portfolio is another important factor for fiverr. A buyer does not want to see your certificate, they wanted to see your portfolio work.

Your sample work must be eyecatching and related. You may have thousand of the logo in your Behance but if buyer wants to get a visiting card, your thousands of logo will not work at all.

So prepare gig related portfolio and show it to the buyer when it needed. Just a friendly reminder, do not add your personal contact details in the portfolio site to avoid fiverr ban.

Earn money from your Facebook page monetization, Content & Service Selling

If you are a new seller, you may get sell after a while. You need to improve regularly. Not only the gig but also your working quality.

Remember, you will get a job but are you ready to deliver a better experience for a buyer? The buyer will come to you for a better experience with the best pricing. Give it and win the future works.

This all was the checklist for how to get first sale on fiverr. Try to improve all the mentions checklist above. Your sell will increase. Read the full blog again and again. This blog has been written from my fiverr experiences.

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