Probably, You are planning to start a small business, or you have started a business already. What is your main challenge now? Marketing! This blog is all about Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business in 2022.

Yes, I know marketing is the main challenge for small businesses. Usually, a small company has fewer employees and sometimes it has a one-man business.

In that case, marketing is really challenging for anyone. Now, the best solution is Mailchimp, one-stop digital marketing solutions.

Mailchimp – Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business in 2022

Mailchimp – Best Email Marketing Software is a third-party email marketing software having a lot more features. There is many more third party software for emailing but mailchimpm bring some extra feature for digital marketing. As the oldest mailing platform, still, mailchimp is dominating the email marketing industry.

Why Mailchimp?

You will have a big user community all over the world in mailchimp. So the support also. Based on our experience, 80% of our client use mailchimp still now which actually show how much popular among the other users.

If you need to do a quick fix, bugs, you can search online and get instant solutions.

Mailchimp has a nice support team to support you dedicatedly. You can get them through email, live support, facebook so on.

If you want to hire some freelancer, you will get a lot so the price of hiring will be less compared to other marketing platforms.

Mailchimp is one of the best platforms which is userfriendly and easy to do any actions. So, if you are from non-technical backgrounds, still you can use Mailchimp – Best Email Marketing Software very easily. The price is also less in case of comparing to others.

There are many features in Mailchimp but here are the few:

Email Marketing:

So, It has an email marketing service. If you send a single mail/content 6 to more then10-15 people, all your mail will go to the spam box and no one gonna open it.

But for marketing, you need to send millions of emails with some specialized design. Here comes third party email marketing software like Mailchimp – Best Email Marketing Software.

You can design a special template that may have image, text, audio, video, mp3, animation, pdf and so on. You can organize an email template and store it to the mailchimp, segment email template, drag and drop editing with hundreds of in build template.

Social Media Marketing:

You can now integrate mailchimp with facebook, twitter and track your email marketing now. Also, you can do social media marketing with maiclhimp nowadays.


Segment lists and set automated templates for email marketing are available nowadays. This means you will make a specific list and set a campaign schedule. It will happen on time. This is very much helpful especially if you do marketing in a foreign country.

Signup and Pop-Up Form:

Di you notice any blog which has no signup form anywhere or did you get any pop-up form while reading. Scroll down galibnotes and you will get a popup form.

If you notice any pop-up or signup form in a blog, chances to be the form made with mailchimp. Mailchimp has the easiest ways to design and integrated with your WordPress websites.

If you are just starting out, the chances are that the money is already tight, and paying $30+ monthly subscription fee to email your three subscribers might seem ludicrous.

However, with MailChimp, you don’t have to pay anything until you reach 2,000 email subscribers, at which point you are probably making enough money from your list to justify the expense of upgrading to a premium plan.

If you search online, there is many more website and some have better service as well. But for the coast, benefit, easy handling, mailchimp is best for small businesses as well as enterprise-level marketing.

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