Fiverr has thousands of working categories and millions of the gig. In every second new gig posted in this marketplace. If you plan to work on fiverr and you are searching for the best working category then this article is for you. This article will gives you idea about “best selling gig on fiverr” with details.

Whatever the category you choose to work, you have to learn for a longer time and then you have to make sample work. Finally, you can post-gig.

It may take six months to 1 year and it will be really boring if you do not like a programming language or creative thinking. But the following gigs are different.

You can learn them within a week and start making money from fiverr. Let’s go deep in details. Let me tell you how to create a killer gig which will bring 1000$/month here.

Best selling gig on fiverr in 2022

WP Banner Design:

Probably, you have visited some wordpress website already. If you notice, every site has a banner. It can be ads banner, can be a promotional or service-oriented banner.

Whenever a new site comes, the site needs a banner and ad design. You can do this task in fiverr. With canva website, you can design drag and drop graphical banner. This will be professional as you try to make. After the task, you can just export and send it to your buyer.

You can design some samples and make them as a portfolio. then post a gig on wordpress banner design in fiverr marketplace. Don’t forget to ask your buyer about the banner size before delivery.

Facebook Cover Design:

Unic Gig Facebook Cover Design, best selling gig on fiverr

Facebook page cover is the most important place for business and personal pages. Usually, best deal, best service or related best image we set in the cover photo.

Business owners set business-related images on their page cover. They usually take the design from a professional designer. So you can sell fb cover page design in fiverr. The Fb page has also a fixed pixel size.

If you just do a little bit google, you can know the photo size. For design, canva is the best option. Drag and drop graphics, elements are already present and you just need to organize them as like as you needed.

Make a sketch and design with canva, deliver it. This process will take a few hours to learn. Also read create a gig on Fiverr

Email Signature:

Unic Gig Email Signature

For promoting our business, brand or services, we set our online visiting card at the end of our email. Its called an email signature.

You can design an email signature with html coding or drag and drop design. There is some website that provides an opportunity for developing email signature and extracts it.

The client mostly provides the design sample. Sometimes you need to get your own design. The same goes for links and resources. If the client does not provide, you have to collect them from his/her website and make the signature.

After making a signature, you can simply import it with email settings. This easy task you can sell in fiverr very easily. There are many sellers who are selling email signature developing services in fiverr marketplace.

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Email List Selling:

Unic Gig Email List Selling

If you have an email list for potential clients, a group of people then you can sell them in fiverr. If you do not have any list, simply collect and then selling is also possible. Email list collecting and selling is old but easy idea for best selling gig on fiverr.

Do some web research and know-how to collect valid emails and make a list. An email list is the row materials for email marketing thus it has huge demands in the marketplace.

If you start learning, this technique will take a few days to finished. Interesting facts are, you can sell a single list multiple times.

Logo Animation:

Google said that they are giving priority for the content which has a video included. After that, the demand for video is getting increases day by day.

At the same time, YouTube is the worlds 2nd popular search engine and users are creating new channels, videos every day. This actually show the demands of logo animations. Its sometimes called intro video as well.

Many fiverr sellers make thousands of dollars per month with just logo animation and you can do the same. Animation software are available with the template. Just download them, learn for a few days and then you can sell it.

Simple but the demanded task in fiverr is logo animation and intro video making. Do try this for best selling gig on fiverr.

Video Thumbnails:

Unic Gig Video Thumbnails

As already described, the demand for videos is increasing and video makers also. Recently, facebook has created monetizations on facebook videos.

So thumbnail making has a good amount of works nowadays. You can use canva or simple paint tools. You just need to know the highlights keywords, what should write, what will be the images and the basic placements.

Try to see some designs and you will get an idea. Before trying it in fiverr, make some designs for your own and store them as sample thumbnails. You can give some free designs for your friends and family. This is quite popular best selling gig on fiverr.

Diet Plan Selling:

Unic Gig Diet Plan Selling

This may surprise you but still it true that, if you are a food expert, you know nutrition rules, you can sell it in fiverr today. Diet plans are sold in fiverr regularly.

People who are getting fatty day by day or the people who are losing health care looking for diet plans. Even, if you are not a food expert, you can search it from google, learn them and sell the plan. Users are so lazy to search and they want to get everything ready.

Writing Reviews:

If you know english, habituate with writing then review writings can be your media of earning from fiverr. People want to get paid reviews as well as content writing.

If you can not write a long post, reviews are nice to sell. This is another demanding category to work with. You can write a review of products, items, digital software, hardware, food or even for new houses.

Google Analytics Install:

Gig Google Analytics Install, best selling gig on fiverr

The new website owner wants to know the visitor’s amount, source, behavior and so on. Google analytics has this opportunity. Website owners just need to install it.

You can learn how to install google analytics and sell on fiverr. This will take a few hours to learn to install google analytics on any website.

PowerPoint Templates:

If you know how to make a powerpoint presentation slider and can make them professionally. Then you can sell them now. PowerPoint slider is one of the best selling gig on fiverr now a days.

A lot of people come to fiverr for presentation-making and it can be nice options for you also. If you don’t know, learn it today and start making money.

Convert Files:

Interesting but true is that, some people make money by converting a file. Word to pdf, sd to png and so on. Even, you don’t need to learn anything.

Take the file and convert it online. Many websites provide these services for free. I have seen, many sellers are doing this job already. This is interesting. Give it a try for best selling gig on fiverr.

Keep in mind that, all gig ideas are unique, low budget tasks and low competition as well. These are not professional skills and not permanent solutions. Just if you want to start selling within a week, then this is the gig you can try!

This is the task you can learn with a few hours to a few days. Make sure you are posting a nice eye-catching gig in the marketplace. Make them seo friendly. Fiverr will do the rest task for you.

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