If you want to know how to hire a content writer, Then this blog is for you. You may look for technical content writer or SEO content writer. Event if you look any other type of freelance writer then read the full blog carefully.

You can hire 2 types of freelancers. Local and international freelancer. If you are interested to get local freelancer, you can talk on the local company and get your content. But this will cost a lot from you.

If you start a business, blogging or startup then its best to hire an international content writer. This article is all about how to hire a content writer dhaka at the best price with the best quality. Let’s dig more-

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Freelance Marketplace:

Freelancing Market List

The freelance marketplace is the great and most popular destination for most of the dhaka’s people for getting content writers. You can go to Fiverr, PPH, UpWork for high-quality writers. If you go to the marketplace, please consider the following criteria.

>> Have Good Review:

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Try to take freelancer who has a good review in recent time. More than 4 stars within 5 are nice. Sometimes the buyer can not describe in better ways, sometimes seller can have some issues so it’s not possible to maintain 5star always.

After that, you need to know one thing, the more review a seller have means more experience. If you want to hire experienced sellers, you have to spend more. Experience sellers will be less hassle to maintain and quality work most of the time.

If you have a tight budget, you can try new sellers also. for the new seller, you will need to describe in detail your works. Also, you can get quick delivery from a new seller for free which will take the cost from senior freelancers.

One more point, review always does not show the quality of work, sometimes seller takes the fake review from others to get ranking in the marketplace. Try to understand the writer’s actual condition. Your business so you have to be careful.

>> Have Sample Work:

Ask the seller for recent sample work. A good writer always has sample work in live blogs. So you may get an instant opportunity to see the writing quality.

Sometimes the new seller does not have live link. It’s fine if they give you a word file to show you. After getting their sample work, please review the plagiarism.

There is a lot of online website for checking plagiarism. It’s easy, just copy paste work. After that, check the keywords and spelling. If the article makes a better feel to you then you can hir him/her.

>> Quick Response:

Fiverr Response time

The quick response doesn’t mean quality work but it shows the availability. Also, the interest to get the work. If your writer does a quick response, it means s/he is very much interested to work with you. Also, he may have pending work but ready to do your task also.

Sometimes, if the freelancer has many pending works, they do late responses. Also, few persons are damn lazy. Naturally, their reply got late.

Moving forward, a busy person will always be late in responding to you. Of course, we need quality work but if you need any urgent help, a late response can lead you in an awkward time.

>> Good communication skills:

How does the seller talk! Is that honorable, professional or just a random reply. Please take a look at these points. If a seller can not communicate with you in better ways, how does s/he will do your writing job in better quality?

Communications show the capacity of understanding ability, presenting quality. Also, avoid those writers who are extra honoring to you.

This means either he has a lack of knowledge or has some extra work charge. So he is trying to convince you with extra pumping.

>> Deep Knowledge in your Category:

Seller may be good at communication, have nice reviews and do a professional approach. But does s/he has the domain knowledge?

Ask a very basic question about your topic and get the idea. This is not the time of copy-past writing. Google will never give you rank on bad quality, spinning article.

And without domain knowledge, no one can write better quality blogs. If someone has 12yearss of experience in technology blogging and you are looking for homelands blogger, will it work! Not that much.

That writer years of experience may give better formats and in-depth knowledge of styling but not on the reach contents. Some people may have extrema level knowledge and ability, If you get them you can works.

>> Working Hours:

Some people do freelance work on a part-time basis and some are full-time. As you will work from dub line and mostly from Asian/American country you will get a writer.

So let them know your time and ask for their feedback. If they agree then only work with them. It’s better to take a content writer to form an American writer.

They are native English country, they have in-depth knowledge of English writings. But if you take writer for American seller, you will have to spend more than Asian.

Content Writing Market:

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There is some marketplace like dotwritter, iwritter which has been developed just for selling content. If you are looking for a writer, this marketplace can be another option for you.

As the market has developed for content only so their service, sellers and support will be better for you. You can see sellers sample writing, reviews, blogs, you can talk and then heir them.

DotWritter has an opportunity to get live blog buying. It means the seller has developed an article and they are displaying. You can see the main keywords, secondary keywords, keywords repetitions and so on.

You can ask the seller to modify after buying one article. Also, it will show you some seo statistics which will make your job easy. But before taking any writer from this marketplace, don’t forget to check the criteria mentioned above. This will be applicable anywhere for you.

Get Relevant Blog:

Galib Notes

You can search for your topics and see relevant blogs. Personal bloggers sometimes write on a freelance basis and this is going to be best in quality. Of course, it will cost more but you will get your review back.

There are ads sometimes, or you can go to contact options. Before trying to get a blog from a personal blogger, see some website analytics, visitor and ranking from the online website. There is some site that will show you this analytics.

Do google about the writer and check his conditions in google search. Check whether you personally like the style and quality or not.

If the blogs look well organized, have contact options, you can try the blogger. Remember, these blogs you get from search engine meaning actually they write a quality post and google give them rank.

Look for Recommendation:

Galibnotes.com Greensoft

You can ask a recommendation from your friends, another similar startup owner for recommending bloggers or writer. They may have some good news and good writer in their hands. Do not just ask directly for help. Do make a good relationship with them and then ask for it.

People often say, content is the king but NO! Only QUALITY content is the king. Google will give you rank for the article quality, not for other goods.

Writing an article is an art and it’s not for everyone. One may have nice English quality, nice speaking ability but still, he may not be a good writer. Before hiring writer thing twice not after hiring.

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